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Classic Beds
Last Updated: 06/29/2009
Classic Beds by The Furniture Authority
A Classic Act!

Some things are eternal and they don't lose their appeal with time. Appreciation for these things comes with greater maturity and understanding. That is why they are called classics. For those who lean towards a traditional taste in bedroom furniture, a classic bed is the right one for you. Classic beds are offered in wrought iron, wood, and leather, and may just be what is missing from your bedroom.

Antique beds (or wrought iron beds) top the list of classic beds. The term wrought really means hand-made. If you are looking for a brand new antique reproduction wrought iron bed, this is top of the line. There is just no substitute for the hand-forged design from a skilled craftsman with a taste for art and fashion. But antique reproductions of cast iron and steel beds are more popular than wrought iron beds because they are far more efficient to make and much more affordable. Today there are power injection molds (that allow for fine detail in the decorating of headboard, footboards, canopy beds and daybeds) and casting machinery. With the use of technology and computer assisted designs, artists have virtual freedom in creating limitless designs for today's contemporary wrought iron and cast iron beds. For this reason, wrought iron bed designs range from the intricate to the simplistic. Another factor in purchasing a wrought iron classic bed is the durability. The Furniture Authority offers only the best quality iron and steel beds, to ensure a long lifespan and protection from day-to-day use.

While metal beds may immediately settle into the mind as classics, wooden beds too have their own charm to gently make their way into this category. Classic wooden beds can come in mahogany, oak, cherry, pine, maple, walnut or rosewood. These also come in colors ranging from black, dark (medium, light) to natural wood finish. Classic wooden beds are offered in a variety of styles, such as in canopy form. A wooden canopy bed or four-poster bed adds a touch of class, giving a traditional touch to the decor. The four posts are connected together by rods at the top to form a canopy. Gorgeous fabrics are draped over the entire bed.

Another classic is the rich leather bed that effortlessly lends sophistication to any bedroom decor. Leather beds can add a retro look to your bedroom, reflecting a nostalgic style in your home. The Furniture Authority offers products made out of top-quality leather to ensure comfort and durability.

The Furniture Authority, a recognized leader in the US for top quality bedroom furniture and accessories, offers a wide range of quality beds at incredible prices. We offer a vast collection of metal beds, wrought iron beds, solid metal bed frames etc. Our metal beds are manufactured from genuine or plated brass, cast zinc or aluminum, and steel or iron, are so solidly built that they can last generations. 

Beds come in sizes that include Full, Queen, King, or Cal King. Twin Full is also known as Double (53" x 75"), Queen as Queen-size (60" x 80"), King as Eastern King (76" x 80") and Cal King as California King (72" x 84"). California King-size beds are typically 12" wider than a Queen-size bed and 4" longer (best for tall people).

The Furniture Authority has partnered with more than 50 leading brands in furniture manufacturing to offer you the best discounted bedroom sets in quality and price.

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