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 A mighty unit that can be used to store clothes or a TV...

Descendents of medieval storage cabinets for armor, armoires are the perfect blend of reinvention, heart, and presence. In this day and age, armoires store linens and clothing as well as add a touch of class and dignity to every bedroom in your home. Armoires are not solely for the bedroom, however, due to recent industry designs that seek to add versatility to the ancient furniture. In this day and age, the use of the armoire is only limited by one's imagination, as furniture manufacturers are expanding their armoire lines to offer multi-purpose functionality to meet the rising demand for these neat organizers.

The Furniture Authority, a recognized leader in the U.S. for top-quality bedroom furniture and accessories, has a wide range of armoires, be it for your bedroom, living room, study, guest room, corridor, or den. The Furniture Authority offers armoires intended for computers, jewelry storage, television and entertainment centers, as well as the traditional armoire for clothing in the bedroom. Clear your clutter in style, and organize your life with The Furniture Authority's expansive line of armoires.

Armoires can be quite high (72" to 78") and normally feature a large cabinet with two doors and two or three drawers. The closing doors are not only functional in excluding dust and hiding stored items, but offer an aesthetic regal look as well. Styles of armoires vary from contemporary to old-world European, although one factor seems to remain common throughout: the use of top-quality, durable solid hardwood with strong lines, raised panels, and intricate carvings in order to highlight the natural beauty of the rich hardwood grains and luster. Because armoires can be subjected to daily use, the durable hardwood is a definite benefit, as it keeps your furniture looking and working like new.

The entertainment center armoire has recently received a surge in popularity. A towering cabinet that houses a television set, DVD players, and full audio systems, the entertainment center armoire has a place for everything. The units include cutouts or built-in outlets to accommodate the clutter of cables and cords, and oftentimes the television will sit on a swivel base or pull-out tray to provide accessibility and a great view from anywhere in the room. These are particularly popular in hotel rooms, where they sometimes also house mini-bars and refrigerators.

Another popular trend in armoires is the computer armoire, or the armoire desk. Often used in small or home offices, the modern armoire desk houses a computer and all of its peripherals, including a monitor and a printer. Holes are provided to connect the peripherals located in several nooks above or below the main work surface. Often, the work surface, such as the writing area or the computer keyboard tray, is adjustable, such as to provide a healthy, comfortable ergonomic working environment. These modern desks show the practical side of the armoire collection.

Before purchasing an armoire, it is important to keep in mind size constraints that your housing situation may present. Bigger may be better, but make sure you can get your armoire through your doorways and into your room of choice. Some models can be dismantled for easy movement, but be sure to research this option before purchasing.

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