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Bed Buying Guide
Last Updated: 06/29/2009

Bedroom Buying Guide:

Purchasing a Bed or a Bedroom set is not something that a person does every day. Here at The Furniture Authority, we would like to take the opportunity to make this experience an easy and rewarding one. One third of a person's life is spent sleeping, so at The Furniture Authority we take YOUR comfort and happiness very seriously. The room you sleep in is a room that is a window into your soul. The feel of the room is very important. When you enter your Bedroom you want to leave all the worries and troubles of your "reality" and enter your "safe haven".

Things to Know Before Starting Your Bed Buying Adventure:

  • Room Size and Dimensions
  • What Bed Size Will I Be Purchasing
  • What Mattress Size Do I Need

The Furniture Authority wants to make sure that when you purchase a Bed you are COMPLETELY satisfied. Nobody wants to purchase a Bed and not have that Bed fit. Because that satisfaction is imperative to our customer/provider relationship we want to make sure that your Bed is the right fit for your room. Before you purchase a Bed make sure you know the space available to you.

Measure the room the Bed is destined for. Will the length of the entire Bed fit in the area provided? Do I have space for a Headboard and Footboard, or just the Bed? Will there be enough space for a Nightstand, Mirror, and/or a Bench? What about the width? Those measurements will be vital when you go to make your purchase. Remember to check the dimensions of the item you are thinking of purchasing and see if it fits into your space.

Now that the basics have been covered and you know what types of Beds and Bedroom Accessories (along with their sizes) we can focus on some of the other aspects that will be useful during the shopping process. At the Furniture Authority we want to make sure that everything about the Bed you are about to purchase can be understood.

At The Furniture Authority the Customer is the MOST important part of our business. If the Customer does not understand what the product is, then we have not done our job. We feel good dealing with happy Customers, and with happy Customers come referrals and referrals bring about MORE happy Customers. When looking to purchase a Bed you should always pay close attention to the detail provided so you can get a feel for the Bed.

Now you are almost ready to shop. We say almost because there is a very important aspect of buying a Bed that needs to be addressed. When buying a Bed you will need to purchase both a Boxspring and a Mattress. The only time there is NO NEED for a Boxspring will be when purchasing a Futon, Daybed, or Platform Bed.

When buying one of the before mentioned Beds there is only a need for a Mattress. Since your satisfaction is a must at The Furniture Authority we would like to remind you to make certain that the Mattress you purchase is the SAME size of the Bed you purchase. For instance match up the Twin Bed to a Twin Mattress and a Full Bed to a Full Bed Mattress and so on.

Bed Size Dimensions

All Furniture Authority beds include a framing system. The framing systems vary and can be a double ended engineered frame, bed rails or a slat system, each of which is specifically designed for the bed you order.

The Furniture Authority product pages contain the exact height of the bed you are interested in, however, to be sure you are buying the correct size, please use the below chart to match the size of the bed with the dimensions of your mattress:

Mattress Size A.K.A. Inches Feet
Twin (aka Twinsize) 38" x 75" 3'2" x 6'3"
Full (aka Double) 53" x 75" 4'5" x 6'3"
Queen (aka Queensize) 60" x 80" 5'0" x 6'8"
King (aka Eastern King) 76" x 80" 6'4" x 6'8"
California King (aka Western King) 72" x 84" 6'0" x 7'0"

What to Look for In Your Retailer

  • Pricing
  • Do They Accept Major Credit Cards
  • Do They Have A Secure Checkout
  • What Is The Retailer's Background

Pricing is what The Furniture Authority is all about. The Furniture Authority has great relationships throughout the industry and because of those same relationships we are able to offer you the most competitive prices of ANY online retailer. We offer our Customers LOWER prices then our competitors can while offering HIGHER quality products.

The Furniture Authority will price match competitors that are established online stores selling new products (not reconditioned items or scratch/dent seconds), whose Customer Service we can contact to verify stock and pricing information. Price matches will be approved only on identical items that we offer on our site that are in stock with our competitors.

As for payment at The Furniture Authority there are never any worries because we accept all Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express cards are gladly accepted along with the Unitech Impex, Inc. and The Furniture Authority Cards. Our Customer Service Department, which can be contacted at 732-901-4392 is available to answer any questions you might have or email us at or chat with our reps online via Live Chat from our website's homepage. We will always be ready to answer any of your questions or problems. Of course having the ability to use these major credit cards is important because that gives you an extra outlet in case any questions shall arise during a transaction.

The Furniture Authority has good relations with interior designers, that has individually hand-selected gorgeous products that symbolize incredible values. We have a physical location at 2879 US Highway 9, Howell, New Jersey 07731.

You are now ready to purchase a fine piece of Bedroom Furniture from The Furniture Authority. We hope your experience shopping with The Furniture Authority is a pleasant one. If something is unclear or if there any further queries, please feel free to check our Furniture Glossary Link. Remember at The Furniture Authority you get the BEST prices and the BEST value. We were delighted to help you along with this process and hope this guide has been helpful in your purchase of a Bed or Bedroom Set.

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