Do you really offer FREE Shipping?

YES, on most items!

We have warehouse and delivery associates all over USA including New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, Florida, Texas, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco. All other States are considered "Out of Zone".

If the shipping zip code falls within close range of our warehouse, you will receive FREE basic delivery.

Please note all our items are categorized according to warehouse zones. Prices may be different for different zones. IF you order from an out of zone warehouse, your order may go through online but will not process.

Please check "Availability" section to see if you qualify for FREE delivery. OR, simply ask us on LIVECHAT or Text us at 888-901-4595 with the productcode and your zip code.

We will happily check if you qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

If your zip code falls outside our FREE shipping zone, the shipping charges will be $150-$250. You will be notified via email. Please be assured, no funds will be taken out of your account until you authorize.

All orders under $3000 are consolidated orders. Out of zone deliveries can take approximately 4-6 weeks.

FREE shipping on Homey Design items is available only within California. Shipping estimates vary according to items you purchase with a minimum charge of $250.